Or maybe its episode 3. Don’t tell the boss!

This episode of Check Your Stitches finds Jenny and I drowning our sorrows re: the end of the Avs season in blueberry Stoli and beer recording at our favorite hockey watering hole, Sobo 151. Guest appearances by our patron podcaster, Alex, and our charming bartender, Oko, saying hello to #23, the also beloved Milan Hejduk!

P.S. Shout out to Intermission Mike! Our intermission recordings WILL be featured now that I think I have figured out how to make the sound not so insanely, earsplittingly loud! Stay tuned!

In this podcast episode of Check Your Stitches, Jenny helps me detangle the yarn equivalent of the Noro Virus, the Avs do some amazing things vs. the Winnipeg Jets, the inaugural Hustle Bustle Award is…umm…awarded, and we drink Colorado beverages like wine and beer and talk about them a bit. Hockey! Jenny and I are joined by Garrison somewhere near the third period! Learn the secret of the Pepsi Center’s oddest lost & found item!

Thanks for listening!


Check Your Stitches Episode One: Everything’s Coming Up Bow Ties!

Ladies and gents; after two years of idle chitchat and overall laziness, we’ve finally done it. We had a microphone present to record ourselves for posterity! I promise, as time goes on, I’ll get better at editing, but really, as a wise podcaster once said to me, “Perfection is for pussies. Just get your stuff out there.”

Perhaps I paraphrased a bit.

I hope you enjoy the inaugural episode! Thanks for listening!