In this Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

In the House: Alex, Amber, Garrison, Jef

Playing the House: Ambassador Decoy, DC Burns, Colonel Calloway, Duck Duck Duck

Today we are al fresco, so expect some city noise from our perch on a Denver balcony. We encounter a Hashtag Storm:

#FlintWater #SmartBowieWifi #SmartPigeon #Glendale #DrakeBonus #HBOSesameStreet #CanadianMuppetsSuck #MuppetBling #FakeCanadiansSuck #HoboWifi #PigieonWifi  #DumpsterFire #MurcuryCure #ChlamydiaVacation #HandEgg #Puppying #SmartSTD

We also mourn the loss of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Lemmy… Seriously January was tough on famous awesome people.

Shot: We were drinking ahead of time.



You may not know this: Alex is a huge Broncos Fan! He is! For Reals!

But he had never been to a game.

So we went to the last Broncos Game of the regular season to watch the Chargers get stomped into the ground in possibly their last game as “San Diego.”  We watched as the Brock Lobster aimed his arm of love at good old DT #88 aka “Double Snowman.” We watched CJ Anderson (aka “Punchy”) do what “Punchy” do. And we watched as our little backup Quarterback Manning returned to the field fully operational. We have two Quarterbacks. We use them. Both.

Hear the sounds of Sports Authority Field at Mile High! Bask in Alex’s childish glee!

We will be watching football all weekend, with beer and snacks kids!

IMG_0979  IMG_2541 (2) IMG_2543 (2) IMG_2503



In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

We set up shop at Larimer Lounge to talk with Get Along, Signs and Signals, and Innerspace.

Signs and Signals had just finished up their first EP funded by a successful Kickstarter. and we had to stop by force a Celebrity Shot on them.

We also have a few guests like MissCritiki and Will check in.

We find answers to important questions like:

Who is the best thumb wrestler?

What does it take to make a shitty band?

Featured Celebrity Shot: ???

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Get Along


Signs and Signals


In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

We talk current events including Baltimore riots, and the fact James Bond won’t use a Sony phone. We talk with Jason Kelly from Signs and Signals, who are recording a new EP asfter a successful Kickstater campaign. And all through we find everyone’s drink of the summer, and take a field trip to Lost Lake Lounge!

Featured Celebrity Shot:  The Taylor Swift

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Signs and Signals




Bad Lyres



I was hoping to get the Xmas Special up before the actual Holiday, but truth be told, Alex had to fly out the next day after recording, and I’ve been at a location with no internet for a few days, so yeah… still not up yet.


The important thing is, we had a party, drank some booze and ate stuff.

I want to take a moment to thank you to all of the rotating cast we have had over the past year. Thank you to all of the people who have put up with our phone calls. Thanks to all of you who have been listening and putting up with our factual inaccuracies, indulgent tirades, rants and weird release schedules.

Also special thanks to  Steven, for providing an awesome venue to for our party.


In the mean time, here are assorted pictures:


IMG_0353IMG_8105IMG_0359IMG_8127IMG_8059IMG_8121IMG_8124IMG_8078IMG_8053   IMG_8087IMG_8093 IMG_8089IMG_8115IMG_8114  IMG_8106   IMG_8101 IMG_8098 IMG_8096     IMG_8085 IMG_8082  IMG_8076  IMG_8073 IMG_8072 IMG_8071 IMG_8070 IMG_8069 IMG_8067 IMG_8066 IMG_8065 IMG_8060   IMG_8050 IMG_8128IMG_0355IMG_0378IMG_0376IMG_0375IMG_0368IMG_0370

The answer is: Morgan Freeman.

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In this  Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

Where are the Chickenteers?! Why, they are exploring the cosmos with adventures! Maybe!

THis Week! Jef! Alex! Rolan! Garrison! Fake Patrick Roy! We face off in a all holds barred discussion about The internet, the secret behind the Power Rangers’ powers, Y.O.D.O.! Morgan Freeman! Canadian Movies! OTHER!!!!!!

Featured this week:

We showed up. Be happy.

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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

The Alex, Jef, and Steven go ghost hunting!

Featured this week:

We  talk about Summer beer, Fowling..Football..Bowling…Fusion in Denver, FInally getting around to Orange is the New Black, Peeing on famous peoples graves, how France is so terrible they screwed up the Kilogram, Spices!, how Fucked up sports team names are, how cool it is to be YouTube Rich, the Amazon Phone, Bullet Proof Coffee, US Soccer spreading freedom, Camping, Squirrel Sociology as we see it, and what ever else in this long running attempt to kill brain cells.

We missed you too!