Care Bear BlankResizeIf you add garlic stuffed olives, Moscow mules, gummy bears, and a No Pants Party together, you might end up deciding it would be hilarious to put a passive aggressive note up on your apartment complex’s bulletin board. You might also have to wrestle it back from your roomie who thinks it is a bad idea. But you are a rebel, so it might have happened anyway. Like so:

And if the other people who live in your complex are also possibly drunk, they might just choose to reply to your note, like so:

Thanks, Alex, for standing up for the rights of meat helmets and picnickers everywhere 🙂 And for sending me your neighbor’s reply!

Posted on August 3, 2015 by

There is no better time to go to thrift store than after a few cocktails. You might end up purchasing such wonders as a hairdresser practice head, an alligator that grows in water,  or works of art to improve upon and trade later! Alex seems pleased to be the recipient of Mrs. Garrett in the Woods with Passive Aggressive Bear and a Ghost Dildo.