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You may not know this: Alex is a huge Broncos Fan! He is! For Reals!

But he had never been to a game.

So we went to the last Broncos Game of the regular season to watch the Chargers get stomped into the ground in possibly their last game as “San Diego.”  We watched as the Brock Lobster aimed his arm of love at good old DT #88 aka “Double Snowman.” We watched CJ Anderson (aka “Punchy”) do what “Punchy” do. And we watched as our little backup Quarterback Manning returned to the field fully operational. We have two Quarterbacks. We use them. Both.

Hear the sounds of Sports Authority Field at Mile High! Bask in Alex’s childish glee!

We will be watching football all weekend, with beer and snacks kids!

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Check Your Stitches Episode One: Everything’s Coming Up Bow Ties!

Ladies and gents; after two years of idle chitchat and overall laziness, we’ve finally done it. We had a microphone present to record ourselves for posterity! I promise, as time goes on, I’ll get better at editing, but really, as a wise podcaster once said to me, “Perfection is for pussies. Just get your stuff out there.”

Perhaps I paraphrased a bit.

I hope you enjoy the inaugural episode! Thanks for listening!