We are a lackadaisy bunch here at Portable Chicken. We slack off without posting for extended periods of time. We never really make a point. Often people point out that we a usually just a bunch of people sitting around drinking.



All of this is true. But now you can subscribe to our inconsistent, inebriated rambling voices via Stitcher Radio.

If you are not familiar with the Stitcher broadcasting platform, here are the basics:

  1. It works on both Android and Apple iOS devices. (You may also listen to it from a PC)
  2. Everyone is doing it. (And so should you!)

Now you can get your podcasting fix while waiting for the next Shotgun Therapy session.

We are still available on iTunes for you apple folk out there, we are just expanding our reach.

For you. The “audience.”

Also, we are now on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow and like… blah blah social media… blah blah blah.



-The Portable Management