Music For Old People – July 12, 2015 – DMA’s

Did somebody take an old Oasis album and squeeze the delicious juices out of it, render it into a beautiful new smoothie? Yes, yes they did. This is a sonically rich album that is part of some lovely brit-pop revival. I love brit-pop. This isn’t an homage inasmuch as it is taking the formula that made Manchester smile so hard. DMA’s then take said formula and begin hammering it with a level of precision and fidelity to the genre that makes me believe this is a long-lost album from an era that died off a little too quickly for me. There are only 6 tracks on this album (at least that’s what Spotify tells me) but I want more. I squeed at the Japandroids album because it was fun and lively, this is much much better. The vocals remind me at times of Kurt Vile’s particular delivery. Get this album. Get it on vinyl if it’s available? Is it available?

Five Squees. *****

“And I can’t be certain that they’re pulling the curtain on me, and if tomorrow’s a burden then I’m still learning to be.”