In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast Jason warms up the 4th chair keeping Alex, Jef, and Rob company with special guest Charles Shaw!

Join us for wine tasting the infamous 3 Buck Chuck, we call up Aaron to discuss the implications of the internet losing its mind over a Twitch Plays Pokemon, we discuss Reddit, Prince (The Artist), Summer weather in February, messing with Quiddich teams, the failures of Speed Dating, and other amazing tales!

As mentioned in the podcast:

Twitch Plays Pokemon

Reddit r/exjw

We used Wine! It was Super Effective!!

We used Wine! It was Super Effective!!

Portable Chicken

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Steve returns to hang out with THE award winning Rob and is joined by  Alex, and Jef!

Join us as Steve calls us out on our thoughts about the Atlanta’s Snowmegedon around topics like Super Bowl ads, people upset about Super Bowl ads, chard, Sochi apologists, Waldo, Carmen Sandiego and Waldo, Blush and Blu, VooDoo Donuts, awesome new materials in science, and Google taking over the world!


 In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast we dirty up the place!

ODT (‘Ol Dirty Tony) drops in for a visit with Alex, Jef, and Rob trying to just keep the train on the rails!

In this episode we meander around topics like porn regulations, censorship on LA radio stations, bath salts, Target being a target, pranks on friends, snow in Atlanta, Facebook being an ugly place to talk about anything, and we over talk about people overreacting the the Grammy awards.