Shotgun Therapy Podcast Episode 9: Fish Slapping

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast Garrison joins Alex, Jef, and Rob to discuss getting stuck on accents, Olympic Hockey, we try and figure out what Finland is famous for, why Philadelphia is one step above a carnival, the art of Bro-Bars and the proper way to watch the Fast and the Furious series, Pulp Star Wars Fiction, and Pedestrian Rage! We premier “Robby the Cycle Killer.”

Join us for a Brand New Segment “Now I Know My Gay-B-Cs!” Where Rob will educate us and speak Truth to the masses.

Hamburger Mary’s Finally had its Karaoke Finals! Weeks of smack talk have been building p to this moment. See how your favorite Portable Stars performed with a competition wrap up!

Portable Chicken