Shotgun Therapy Podcast Episode 12: Chopper Rob!

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Chopper Rob what have you done

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:  Alex, Jason, Jef, and Rob went toe to toe with St Paddy’s Day and Survived! Oh Yeah, Rob’s Birthday was on St. Paddy’s Day!

This week we discuss Rob melting during the Veronica Mars Movie, Fox 31 Denver putting more Junk on the air than usual, Jef hates on Lost (Yeah, late to the party, but an eternal hater.) We talk about the potential of making movies better through Bros and Cats, We read some Craigslist Missed Connections from North Dakota, We talk about Robot Snowden at TED Canada, and how social networks turn everyday people into the Hardy Boys. We recount St Paddy’s Day weekend to the best of our knowledge, Aaron checks in from Spring Break at Lake Havasu, Jason meets Liam Neeson, and Rob awkwardly runs into an old friend at Best Buy in a way no one would forget!

Yep, we got a pepper grinder of everything with our very own, one eye in the sky, Chopper Rob! Give it a listen!