Shotgun Therapy Podcast Episode 13: T’aint Disney

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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

This week Alex, Jef and Rob discuss Jason’s aka K-Dog’s new found fame on Hot Men of The Berry, the Cock in a Sock campaign for Testicular cancer awareness, the Wu-Tang Clan releasing an album with only one copy in existence, Russia taking over the Ukraine’s Dolphin Commando unit. We call Nashville Nate to demand a drink that does not exist from a bartender (This week: The Travis Tritt!) We talk about Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. We talk about Jose Pizano’s, the strange Mexican Italian fusion place in BFE Wyoming. Some guy has the old ShowBiz Pizza animatronic band, the Rock-Afire Explosion, and makes them perform new songs in his storage shed, we recount the odd world of entertainment restaurants and (oddly on topic) Casa Bonita turns 40!

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