Care Bear BlankResizeIf you add garlic stuffed olives, Moscow mules, gummy bears, and a No Pants Party together, you might end up deciding it would be hilarious to put a passive aggressive note up on your apartment complex’s bulletin board. You might also have to wrestle it back from your roomie who thinks it is a bad idea. But you are a rebel, so it might have happened anyway. Like so:

And if the other people who live in your complex are also possibly drunk, they might just choose to reply to your note, like so:

Thanks, Alex, for standing up for the rights of meat helmets and picnickers everywhere ūüôā And for sending me your neighbor’s reply!

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There is no better time to go to thrift store than after a few cocktails. You might end up purchasing such wonders as a hairdresser practice head, an alligator that grows in water,  or works of art to improve upon and trade later! Alex seems pleased to be the recipient of Mrs. Garrett in the Woods with Passive Aggressive Bear and a Ghost Dildo.

TJesusworeaponchohere is a man in my neighborhood, with wild, grizzly hair and a beard that follows suit. When I spotted him wandering around in a yellow rain slicker, talking to himself one day several years ago, I dubbed him Poncho Jesus.

His mythos has grown over the years; quiet conversations with friends, coworkers, and other neighbors, all spreading the word of Poncho Jesus, sharing stories about the oddities we’d observed. I feel like I have a unique opportunity to watch him, since I work and live in the immediate area.

At first, I thought he must be crazypants. After all, he seems to mostly wander around talking to himself, never bestowing a nod or wave, never making eye contact at all.

However, the latest theory surrounding Poncho Jesus’ history is that Poncho Jesus is a mistaken time traveler from the distant past.

The incident that made us change our tack regarding the Poncho Jesus Story was when a coworker spotted him in his yard playing with a tennis ball. The coworker, I’ll call him M, is new, and isn’t familiar with all of the things we’ve seen PJ do. When he came back to the shop, he says to us, “Hey! I think I just saw that weird guy you guys talk about. He was playing with a ball in his front yard, and seemed pretty fascinated by it!”

Well, now it all makes sense!

All of the times we’ve seen him wandering around with a big stick, stopping along the street to yell at rocks or ant hills, giving the side eye to passing cars! All of the times when he took his snow shovel over to a random patch of useless sidewalk to shovel snow! The strange ritual he performed in the cul-de-sac, “dancing” around while holding two objects in his hands and mumbling at the sunset! Everything can be explained by the fact that he’s looking at the modern world through the eyes of a caveman!

He does seem to have mastered the art of trading money for goods, though. I spotted him with a bag from a store walking back to his house yesterday. Welcome to our world, Mr. Jesus. Welcome, sir.

Well, hello all! Miss Critiki here, joining the illustrious crew down here at Portable Chicken HQ to help hold things down on the blog front. I have several prestigious qualifications, including, but not limited to, the ability to occasionally finish a Sunday New York Times crossword, an appreciation for hockey and breakfast, and a habit of turning super Type A when it comes to travel plans.

Keep an eye right here for more updates, coming soon!


^^Boat drinks and beef satay…a preview of the goodies to come!

Did somebody take an old Oasis album and squeeze the delicious juices out of it, render it into a beautiful new smoothie? Yes, yes they did. This is a sonically rich album that is part of some lovely brit-pop revival. I love brit-pop. This isn’t an homage inasmuch as it is taking the formula that made Manchester smile so hard. DMA’s then take said formula and begin¬†hammering¬†it with a level of precision and fidelity to the genre that makes me believe this is a long-lost album from an era that died off a little too quickly for me. There are only 6 tracks on this album (at least that’s what Spotify tells me) but I want more. I squeed at the Japandroids album because it was fun and lively, this is much much better. The vocals remind me at times of Kurt Vile’s particular delivery. Get this album. Get it on vinyl if it’s available? Is it available?

Five Squees. *****

“And I can’t be certain that they’re pulling the curtain on me, and if tomorrow’s a burden then I’m still learning to be.”




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I was hoping to get the Xmas Special up before the actual Holiday, but truth be told, Alex had to fly out the next day after recording, and I’ve been at a location with no internet for a few days, so yeah… still not up yet.


The important thing is, we had a party, drank some booze and ate stuff.

I want to take a moment to thank you to all of the rotating cast we have had over the past year. Thank you to all of the people who have put up with our phone calls. Thanks to all of you who have been listening and putting up with our factual inaccuracies, indulgent tirades, rants and weird release schedules.

Also special thanks to  Steven, for providing an awesome venue to for our party.


In the mean time, here are assorted pictures:


IMG_0353IMG_8105IMG_0359IMG_8127IMG_8059IMG_8121IMG_8124IMG_8078IMG_8053   IMG_8087IMG_8093 IMG_8089IMG_8115IMG_8114  IMG_8106   IMG_8101 IMG_8098 IMG_8096     IMG_8085 IMG_8082  IMG_8076  IMG_8073 IMG_8072 IMG_8071 IMG_8070 IMG_8069 IMG_8067 IMG_8066 IMG_8065 IMG_8060   IMG_8050 IMG_8128IMG_0355IMG_0378IMG_0376IMG_0375IMG_0368IMG_0370

The answer is: Morgan Freeman.

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