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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

The Alex, Jef, and Steven go ghost hunting!

Featured this week:

We  talk about Summer beer, Fowling..Football..Bowling…Fusion in Denver, FInally getting around to Orange is the New Black, Peeing on famous peoples graves, how France is so terrible they screwed up the Kilogram, Spices!, how Fucked up sports team names are, how cool it is to be YouTube Rich, the Amazon Phone, Bullet Proof Coffee, US Soccer spreading freedom, Camping, Squirrel Sociology as we see it, and what ever else in this long running attempt to kill brain cells.

We missed you too!

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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

The Three Amigos Rob, Alex, and Jef set up shop in a new studio with all the difficulties and privileges there of.

Featured this week:

We  talk about the creepy practice of 3D printing fetuses, the epidemic of SCT (Sluggish Cognitive Tempo) Disorder, Whether Voodoo Donuts is worth the wait in line, the hotness of Julie Andrews with Uzis, and the explosion of rooftops has spread to Coors Field itself.

Wash Park trying to ban alcohol…riiight….

Rob talks about meeting and bonding with Molly Ringwald over Mega Man. We talk about meeting authors at the Tattered Cover.

Play along as we test Rob’s Knowledge about his hair twin, Dave Eggers, in a round of Eggers or Busey?


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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

We go on the Road to celebrate and discuss birthdays at Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill! We meet up with old friends and make up new drinks! Join Alex, Jef, Rob, Jason, Amanda, Becky, Emma, and Quinn from the Glitta Kings and more for whatever it is we do on the road!

Featured this week:

Birthday Girl: Emma Jane Badman (Queen B/DJ Sassfactory) and Quinn of The Glitta Kings

Best and Worst Birthdays featuring B-Day Gurl: Amanda “Pancake”, B-Day Boi: Jason “K-Dog”, Alex, and our own Notorious R.O.B!

Shot of the Week:  The Barbara Streisand


Listen to music, then go see these people LIVE:

The Glitta Kings


Soul Electric



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In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:

This week Alex, Jef and Rob discuss Jason’s aka K-Dog’s new found fame on Hot Men of The Berry, the Cock in a Sock campaign for Testicular cancer awareness, the Wu-Tang Clan releasing an album with only one copy in existence, Russia taking over the Ukraine’s Dolphin Commando unit. We call Nashville Nate to demand a drink that does not exist from a bartender (This week: The Travis Tritt!) We talk about Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. We talk about Jose Pizano’s, the strange Mexican Italian fusion place in BFE Wyoming. Some guy has the old ShowBiz Pizza animatronic band, the Rock-Afire Explosion, and makes them perform new songs in his storage shed, we recount the odd world of entertainment restaurants and (oddly on topic) Casa Bonita turns 40!

Get your awareness on People!

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Chopper Rob what have you done

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast:  Alex, Jason, Jef, and Rob went toe to toe with St Paddy’s Day and Survived! Oh Yeah, Rob’s Birthday was on St. Paddy’s Day!

This week we discuss Rob melting during the Veronica Mars Movie, Fox 31 Denver putting more Junk on the air than usual, Jef hates on Lost (Yeah, late to the party, but an eternal hater.) We talk about the potential of making movies better through Bros and Cats, We read some Craigslist Missed Connections from North Dakota, We talk about Robot Snowden at TED Canada, and how social networks turn everyday people into the Hardy Boys. We recount St Paddy’s Day weekend to the best of our knowledge, Aaron checks in from Spring Break at Lake Havasu, Jason meets Liam Neeson, and Rob awkwardly runs into an old friend at Best Buy in a way no one would forget!

Yep, we got a pepper grinder of everything with our very own, one eye in the sky, Chopper Rob! Give it a listen!


It’s a short session in this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast: Aaron, Alex, Jef and Steven kick this week off and Garrison and Rob straggle in later to provide wicked insight into many manly activities like Warehouse Jousting, Sports: a live call to Roland at the Avs victory over the Blackhawks, Drinks that make you lose your Man Card, replacing your wallet condom, and signing Adele at the Liquor Store…wait what?

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast: Aaron and Becky stop by to advise, console, and discuss fine culture with  Alex, Jef, and Rob. This week we discuss Miley Cyrus in Denver, the finer points of Twerking, Bad Pickup Lines, Tinder and modern dating, Vegas, why 2015 will be better than in Back to the Future 2, Rick Rolling your Bitcoins, inappropriate use of movie titles, Public Service Announcements… and ….uh… yeah….

Give it a listen!

In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast Garrison joins Alex, Jef, and Rob to discuss getting stuck on accents, Olympic Hockey, we try and figure out what Finland is famous for, why Philadelphia is one step above a carnival, the art of Bro-Bars and the proper way to watch the Fast and the Furious series, Pulp Star Wars Fiction, and Pedestrian Rage! We premier “Robby the Cycle Killer.”

Join us for a Brand New Segment “Now I Know My Gay-B-Cs!” Where Rob will educate us and speak Truth to the masses.

Hamburger Mary’s Finally had its Karaoke Finals! Weeks of smack talk have been building p to this moment. See how your favorite Portable Stars performed with a competition wrap up!

Portable Chicken



In this week’s Shotgun Therapy Podcast Jason warms up the 4th chair keeping Alex, Jef, and Rob company with special guest Charles Shaw!

Join us for wine tasting the infamous 3 Buck Chuck, we call up Aaron to discuss the implications of the internet losing its mind over a Twitch Plays Pokemon, we discuss Reddit, Prince (The Artist), Summer weather in February, messing with Quiddich teams, the failures of Speed Dating, and other amazing tales!

As mentioned in the podcast:

Twitch Plays Pokemon

Reddit r/exjw

We used Wine! It was Super Effective!!

We used Wine! It was Super Effective!!